Biplane Jumps!
Update on the biplane jumps:  The weather is forecast for rain this weekend so we are moving the jumps to our alternate jump date of September 28th.  The first load will go up at 9am.  All slots on the list have filled with no lottery needed.  So if you asked to be on the list, you are in!

All jumpers making the biplane jump must have at least 100 jumps, a USPA license and an in-date reserve. The cost will be $70, with an exit altitude of 3500 feet. Please register your request to be in the lottery with Valinda Mitchell at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it no later than Friday, Sept. 13th. We'll have the drawing by Saturday and have the list posted that weekend. We'll, of course, draw slots past 24 just in case we have some no-shows.  If we get less than 24 people on the list, everyone that signs up will jump!  So get on the list ASAP for your best chance of getting dropped from a Biplane!  
LFL 2013 Event
August 17th 2013, we held the annual Leap for Lupus Boogie and Fundraiser at Kapowsin Air Sports in Shelton, WA. Early registration began Friday under beautiful blue skies. Les Stachyra of Aerodyne was standing by with demo rigs and canopies for all jumpers. Kelly Farrington, with his wife Genevieve and son Kyle flew from Bend, Oregon with the highly popular "50% off Infinity" coupon for Saturday night's raffle. The Super Caravan stayed busy all day taking up load after load of tandems and fun jumpers.
As with any outdoor activity in the Pacific Northwest, the weather sometimes throws a wrench into the best of plans. Saturday morning dawned with low clouds and even a touch of drizzle. Most the jumpers spent the morning catching up with old friends and making many new ones. Many people signed up for the popular (if sometimes confusing)  Cheeto's 4 way Scrambles to compete for a long list of prizes. Of course, the creepers came out and the 4 way teams made good use of the down time practicing the dives. 
Once the weather broke in the early afternoon, the folks who showed for this year's Leap for Lupus were rewarded with a great day of jumping. Dave and Paul kept the Super Otter and Super Van flying, getting almost two dozen loads up. The last loads on the Caravan and Otter were treated to a magnificent sunset to the West and a salmon feast in the hangar when they landed. Mark  Twardzicki and John Kowalewski barbecued over 50 pounds of salmon, courtesy of Western United Fish Co., to feed the hungry crowd.
As some of the last jumpers finished their meals, the raffles began.  First place in the Cheeto's 4 Way Scrambles went to Jeff "JD" Smith, who won a free V-Max Competition Bootie Suit. Other competitors won tunnel time at iFlySeattle, gas barbecues, restaurant gift cards and more.  The national prizes ranged from 50% off on many popular containers, discounts on entire systems and canopies, tunnel time, jumpsuits, free helmets, all kinds of gear and jump tickets. On the local prize list we had barbecue smokers, discounts on jumpsuits, restaurant cards, coach jumps, aerobatic airplane rides, original artwork, jump tickets, pack jobs and more, even coupons for 90 minute professional massages. There were many happy winners.
After the raffle wrapped, Neil Foote and the Late Bloomers turned up the amps and rocked the hangar with hit after hit. With plenty of cowbell, the beer flowed and the jumpers rolled out to the dance floor, keeping the action going until midnight. The party didn't really stop then, but it did move off to a few other locations.
Sunday morning opened with a few clouds moving in. But still the jumpers were rewarded with a lot of good skydives until an overcast moved in during the early afternoon. Even so, many climbed in the Cessna 182 for hop and pops, keeping the jumping going. As mid afternoon rolled around, the good byes started as many packed up, facing long drives home.
The Leap for Lupus Foundation would like to thank so many people, from all the individuals and companies that donated the fantastic prizes for our charity event, all the volunteers that pitched in, helped out and made it happen, to Kapowsin Air Sports for hosting the event at their great dropzone, and to every contributor to the Leap for Lupus Foundation. It's the absolute truth we when say we couldn't do it with out you. Thank you all very much.  


Stephanie made a Leap for Lupus at the 2012 event!

Stephanie made a Leap for Lupus at the 2012 event!

D. Walker made a Leap for Lupus at the 2012 event!

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The Leap for Lupus Foundation was started by a group of four skydivers in an attempt to gain attention to this horrible disease that affects so many people. We are an all-volunteer group, using our time, energy, and talents to find the cure for lupus by raising money to fund medical research.

Unlike other fundraising organizations, ALL funds we receive will go directly to the University of Washington's Rheumatology Department to help them find the cure for lupus.

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